Film Intel was started in January 2008 as thistimeitwillbedifferent.blogspot.com and gained its current moniker in 2010 when we came to our senses and realised that was a bit difficult to spell.

Since 2008 the site has been home to relatively intelligent articles about films we like and other films we don't like. We try to provide readable but insightful articles on both films you might have heard of and films that might be new to you. We're primarily a review site and we're always up for a chat about both new releases and not so new releases. We don't publish news available on a thousand and one other websites (although we do like talking about it on twitter) and we try to write opinionated editorials whenever there's something worth shouting at/about.

Since 2008 the site has grown in terms of both its output and its traffic and is hoping to carry on doing so in the future. Like a lot of blog-based sites, Film Intel is wholly independent.

If you're promoting a film, would like to send us something to review, commission us to write something for your site, bring an error to our attention or otherwise get in touch regarding the site or film, then check the contact us page for details.

The Film Intel team currently fighting the good fight are...

Sam Turner, Editor
Sam is editor of Film Intel, which he created in 2008. He likes discovering new films but can always find a time and a place for a Cop Thriller where the hero is a tortured soul with a chequered past. Alcohol problem optional. When he's not writing, he drinks a lot of tea, plays golf badly and attempts to convince his cat Jenson that his leg isn't really that tasty. Follow him on Twitter, Google+ and many many more places.

Ben Broadribb, Contributing Editor
Ben joined Film Intel for a transfer fee of half a Diet Coke to make it a two-person enterprise in mid-2013, having previously written for his own site, Some Like It Hot Fuzz. He enjoys a wide range of films from the Marx Brothers to the Coen Brothers, and keeps an open mind about cinema to the point of never writing anything off unless it's directed by Michael Bay. You can follow him on Twitter and Google+.

Sometimes we're lucky enough that people say nice things about us or invite us to join pleasant clubs and organisations. We collect some of that stuff here, because, well, it's just nice to do that sort of thing.

Sam was accepted into the OFCS as a member  in 2013 and votes in their annual awards.

In 2011, Cision named us in their Top 10 UK film blogs.

Large Association of Movie Blogs
Both Sam and Ben are members of The Large Association of Movie Blogs. You can occasionally find them there saying 'bah'.

In 2011, we were nominated in the Total Film Blog Awards as 'Best Review Blog'. We didn't win. We're not bitter.