Mission Statement

Film Intel's mission is to provide intelligent film reviews and film coverage of the latest and greatest releases. We attempt to accomplish the above by;

- Writing intelligent and informed reviews and news analysis articles which...
- Do not avoid or ignore controversial or morally dubious issues the film or films in question may have and...
- Take in to account the film's aims, goals, target market and place in film history as well as considering...
- Accepted pieces of film or literary theory which influence or inform the reading of the film

Film Intel is and will always strive to be:

- A Blog Based Forum: this allows easy subscription to daily-updated content and ensures that the content in question will be original and opinionated: we do not aim to simply reproduce today's (or even yesterday's) news.
- Independent: we are not employed by any of the major publishing houses or film companies
- Honest: if we think a film is very good or very bad we will say so, despite what others may think
- Open: anyone can comment here and whether you agree or disagree with our opinions we would always welcome you to do so
- Approachable: if you have something you wish to ask us, a film you would like us to see, a part of the site you strongly disagree with or anything else under the sun, we will respond to your e-mail, tweet or comment.

and of course...

- Intelligent: our comment on film will always aim to not be dumbed down or sanitised in any way. Our key goal is to write justifiable, positive and negative, film criticism

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