The Incredible Hulk: First Trailer Released - News Review

With last week seeing the release of the first teaser trailer for the Louis Leterrier version of The Incredible Hulk it has been interesting to gauge reaction from a small number of sources around the internet, especially considering my own scepticism towards to re-launched franchise.

Empire magazine’s unique ‘How Excited Are You?’ meter has 40% of people declaring ‘I’d rather eat my own feet’ while in total 62% of people who have visited and voted are stating that they won’t be going to see the film at the cinema. Compare these stats to forthcoming superhero flick Iron Man where only 20% of people would rather eat their own feet and 20% of people already consider it the ‘Best. Film. Ever’ compared to The Incredible Hulk’s 9%.

IMDB’s message boards meanwhile, despite having some positive feedback, also features such threads as, ‘Is this a sequel?’ and ‘CGI is c**p!’ showing, respectively, less than enlightened awareness of why this project is in existence and less than enthusiastic voyeurism at the films special effects.

It all adds to a growing feeling of that eternal question: why? They tried once and failed once, it seems silly at best and downright foolish at worst to try again and fail again. There’s just something about the big green beastie that means he doesn’t need a movie. Maybe it’s because he has an 80’s TV series which makes him feel overly nostalgic. Maybe it’s because there’s a new green beastie in town which demolishes everything put before him at he box office (yes I refer to the indomitable Shrek here!). Whatever the reason its not looking overly rosy for Hulk come June.

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