Top 10 Films For the Rest of The Year

This month's Empire has that staple of modern film journalism writing: the old 'we-don't-know-what-to-do-with-20-odd-pages-of-copy-so-lets-do-a-preview' article. However, in typically frustating fashion the plethora of films it mentions aren't in any discernible order so come the end of it are we in any way shape or form more enlightened as to what Empire is tipping to be good this year? No. Of course not. Because what with it being a film magazine that would be just silly...

Anyway, enough bashing or what is still probably the best film publication your pennies can get you nowadays. for your convinience here's what I'm looking forward to from the list... in order you understand.

10. Whiteout

Based on a graphic novel, the one liner in the Empire preview got me interested. In terms of look of the poster, location and not-too-happy plot, it appears to have something in common with 30 Days of Night which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Verdict: Conversely could be a sleeper-blockbuster hit or throwaway action rubbish from the Director of Gone in 60 Seconds

9. Sherlock Holmes

Trailers make it look as though it isn't going to be the film that is finally brave enough to mirror the source material as many had hoped it would be. Downey will do a good job but he isn't quite the depraved Holmes of the books which Depp in From Hell (as someone who isn't called Holmes) is still closest to. Still good summer fun all round.

Verdict: Ritchie's first succesful forray out of modern gang-land London draws critical acclaim or critical bashing which means Ritchie returns to what he knows for another 5 years.

8. District 9

Ambitious science-fiction dealing with a vast array of pertinent issues. Peter Jackson's involvement merits interest from critical masses.

Verdict: This year's Cloverfield or This year's Cloverfield

7. The Fantastic Mr. Fox

The choice of Wes Anderson as director will mean this either catches the cooky, endearing charm of the book or dissapears in a haze of hokum smoke. Early clips of animation look fantastic.

Verdict: Anderson converts and produces main stream animation or Anderson converts main stream animation.

6. Shutter Island

Heavyweights DiCaprio, Sir Ben Kingsley and erm... Mark Ruffalo team up for Marty's latest offering about a mysterious island mental hospital. Trailer appears to give away too much if you're paying attention but stars look on top form.

Verdict: Marty repeats The Departed glory or akin to knowing Sixth Sense twist before seeing the film.

Top 5 will round out this beautiful list tomorrow.

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  1. I can't wait to see FANTASTIC MR. FOX mainly because of the amazing voices, the cast behind them is really amazing and promising. I was sad when Cate Blanchett left the project because she was too busy but Meryl Streep is a splendid replacement :)

    And thanks, for joining my HOLLYWOOD SPY blog, hope I'll see you there often ;)