The Matrix: LEGO Style

Ever wondered what The Matrix would look like if you re-created it shot-for-shot with LEGO in a brilliant stop-motion style but with the original cast's voiceover retained over the top? No, me neither. However, Trevor and Steve obviously did because this landed on my desktop through tweets-ville earlier in the week and it's bloody fantastic.

The gents who did this can be found telling the story of the short erm... 'adaptation' over at their website The LEGO Matrix.


  1. Thanks a lot for posting this!

    Although I didn't really like the film itself, I like this video. I just can't believe how the movements of the characters are in sync with the film's soundtrack.

  2. It's good isn't it!

    The British press have picked it up this morning so a lot more people will be watching it over the next few days.

    Full article here: