Shorts Worthy Of Your Attention

I came across this short earlier whilst browsing a part of Roger Ebert's blog. It reminded me of the interviews that used to conclude episodes of Band Of Brothers, rounding them off with a powerful punch of memory and reality. The subject is something that has been talked about often and, as ever when war and death are humanised, it caries a powerful message.

Probably because they are both short films that deal with death in some way or another, watching it got me thinking about This Way Up, the British short film that probably should of won an Oscar earlier in the year. If you haven't seen it then it really is a must watch. I'm not sure about its distribution rights (although, unsurprisingly, you can find it around the Internet) so rather than embed it, here is the link to the BBC's Film Network where it is available to watch legally.

Short films rarely get attention, whether from viewers, critics, bloggers or Joe public and I would be the first to admit that I don't exactly actively seek them out. What examples like the aforementioned two show however, is that 3 minutes of film can have a hauntingly powerful effect, more so, it could be argued, than some of their longer counterparts. Beautiful visuals, a good script (if there is one), nice turns from any actors and a genuine and persistent care and passion for what you are doing are all present in the above. Try pointing them out to me in Twilight.

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