Trailer Of The Week - Week #14

No contest for the inaugural week - The Expendables trailer hit websites across the globe on Wednesday and it looks to do exactly what it says on the tin. An emotive, suitably action-orientated score with some nice ham acting from Stalone, Statham and Li gives a good teaser of what's to come from the film which currently doesn't have a UK release date (booooo) but is scheduled to hit the US on 13th August this year.

Trailer Of The Week is a new Film Intel feature which picks a different tasty trailer of delectable goodness every week and presents it on Sunday for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes major, sometimes independent, sometimes brilliant, sometimes a load of old bobbins: always guaranteed to entertain. If you want to make a suggestion for Trailer Of The Week, see the contact us page.


  1. This looks kick-ass! The B movie to reign over all B movies? (I refuse to see this as anything but a B-movie)

  2. My right eyeball has disintegrated from the pur testosterone bleeding from that fucking trailer. Awesome.

  3. I think you're safe to call it a B-movie. For me, I'm just hoping it pulls through as the 90s action film throwback it looks like. Almost certainly will be filed under 'guilty pleasure'.