Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Alice In Wonderland Makes $1 Billion At The Box Office.

Story: /Film

Which makes all of this seem like a touch of an over-reaction. Wouldn't you agree Mr. Cinema Owner?

Lost And 24 Finish Long Runs.


SPOILER ALERT: Jack Bauer was in purgatory... or something like that.

UK Series Skins To Get Big Screen Treatment.

Story: The Guardian

It's difficult to put into words our feelings on this. Lets just say that it could be as bad as a big screen adaptation of The Hills. And no Hollywood, that is not an invitation.

And finally...

Despite a veritable bevvy of really quite bad reviews, Entertainment Weekly are reporting that Sex And The City 2 has already made an astounding $3 million from midnight screenings. Although we haven't seen the film yet we feel this probably proves that if you build up a huge fanbase for a franchise, you really can push anything you like out, of any quality and you will make money. See also: Shrek.


  1. Well...Skins isn't so bad. SatC2, though...

  2. If I can help it, I won't be going anywhere near SATC2. The love for SKINS outside of the UK really surprises me. I thought it would be a very UK-only thing but was informed otherwise on Twitter over the weekend. I don't like it but I'll give the film version a chance I suppose.