Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Transformers 3 Continues Odd Casting Exercise

Story: Total Film

Currently bothering TV screens with his L'Oreal adverts (because I ruddy well am worth it), Patrick Dempsey has joined John Malkovich and Frances McDormand in the 'well, I didn't see that coming' casting news department.

Daily Mail in 'Not Morally Outraged' Shocker

Story: Daily Mail (duh)

How a singular publication (nay, a singular reviewer) can be morally outraged over a film where there is a little girl being violent but not similarly outraged at a comedy about suicide bombers is beyond me. Proof that this publication is actually now irrelevant.

Details And Trailer For JJ Abrams' New Super 8

Story: ScreenRant

And the slightly more geeky corner of the Internet goes wild! As does Film Intel! Which might suggest something! And yes, it is the type of trailer that makes you want to speak in constant exclamation marks!

And finally...

Slash Film are reporting that an imminent announcement will reveal that Pac-Man, the classic video game with the moon-shaped yellow dude, is set to become the latest game to be adapted into a Hollywood film. As SF rightly point out, to be an adaptation there has to actually be something to, you know... adapt, sadly lacking in a game that consisted of you eating small yellow dots with a slightly larger one. Oh well, it'll be interesting to see what they come up with in the end. Or not.


  1. It's like the movie industry is parodying itself.

  2. On a near daily basis I think you'll find.