Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Italian's Throw A Strop. Insight Defenders Of Free Speech.

Story: BBC

Berlusconi continues to lose plot. Film educated opponents jump at the chance to invoke The Godfather in political debate.

Speculation Continues Around Joaquin Phoenix 'Documentary'.

Story: Empire

Public, who watched the entire thing unfold in real-time anyway, continue not to care.

After Avoiding The Fountain, Pitt Now Set To Work With Aronofsky.

Story: Variety

Although Pitt has not yet been confirmed as 'in' the film, expect the press to force a denial or elicit a confirmation at some point going forwards. Tiger actually sounds intriguing so we'll refrain from passing 'humouress' comment on this one. For now...

And Finally...

Slash Film, along with a whole host of others, are reporting that the script for the upcoming Kung Fu Panda sequel, The Kaboom Of Doom was given a makeover by none other than existentialist wacko Charlie Kaufman. As SF point out, this doesn't necessarily mean that the film will feature an extreme section of self-doubt realisation but we're not ruling out Kaufman writing himself into the film. Again. Only this time as a miniature animation, as opposed to a self-aggrandising Nicholas Cage.