Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

James Cameron: Earth's Hero.

Story: Film School Rejects

PR people of the world unite and herald one of the greatest (but least effective) attempts at diversion ever.

Captain America And Thor Concept Art Leaks.

Story: Fused Film and Hollywood Spy

Film world loves both. Then realises they're awful photoshoped things that weren't so much leaked as 'leaked'.

50 Cent Thins Out, Bulks Up Again, Shocks World In The Process.

Story: The Film Review

I took us an hour to upload this, doing it as we did with our eyes closed. It's just too damn scary a photo.

And finally...

There was a fleeting moment this week when, for the first time ever, a Jennifer Aniston story bought the Film Intel offices to a standstill. For just one second it appeared (as reported by Slash Film) that Aniston was actually going to do something different, funny, unexpected, exciting and ever-so-slightly self-referential. Then the story was denied and the world went back to normal. Ho-hum.


  1. That Jennifer Aniston thing was almost surprising.

  2. I honestly would have been excited to see her do that. Probably the first time 'excited' has been used on this site to describe something with Jennifer Aniston.

  3. yep, they should really work a bit more on Chris Hemsworth costume :) He could start with buying himself some new boots in the Asguardian mall :)

  4. Your Marvel geekiness outranks mine Dezmond; I will admit to having to Google that to get the reference! In sentiment though, I completely agree - it looks pants in that mock-up, hoping the real thing is much improved.

  5. Actually I know nothing about Marvel :) I generally like super hero movies, and I write about things I know most people like to read about :)
    And everybody knows what Asguard is :)

  6. You're doing a good job at making me feel very silly here Dezmond...

  7. now I feel silly for making you feel silly, it's a silly business!

  8. Dezmond, my friend - you are not the first and will certainly not be the last!