Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumoured To Be Batman 3's Riddler.

Story: Film School Rejects

Best. Idea. Ever. The end.

Les Grossman Movie Greenlit.

Story: Hitfix

Slightly overweight man attempting to do funny things but mainly just making a fool of himself? Jack Black should sue.

Beastly Suffers From Mammoth Schedule Shuffle.

Story: MTV

Whilst the story itself only appeals to the two people who were going to watch Beastly, the real story here (about MTV's absolutely appalling journalistic content) is readily available for everyone to laugh at.

And finally...

This short stop-motion film of Mario created out of post-it notes hit the Internet on Thursday and was starting to grow a-pace on Friday. It's significantly better than the full-length Bob Hoskins version. Watch it and be amazed.