Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

UK Government Scraps UK Film Council.

Story: Best For Film

Jeremy Hunt (whose surname others have slightly amended) has so far suggested no alternative way of distributing film funding, a slap in the face to a body which has been so successful in ensuring the money was there to generate quality British film over the last few years. A real loss to the British film industry.

Trailer For Snyder's Sucker Punch Hits.

Story: Daemon's Movies

If Snyder is trying to get rid of his 'style over substance' tag, then he's not trying very hard. Having said that... this is style at its very best.

Josh Hutcherson Spider-Man Audition Leaks.

Story: Latino Review

If this hints at the direction that the actual film is taking then all that casting nonsense was for nothing... I'm not seeing it.

And finally...

io9 got their hands on a leaked version of the new trailer for Thor on Thursday (which may have been removed by the time this Final Word hits... sorry about that). If its initial impression is anything to go by then Thor is going to be; roughly 50% longer than it should have been, roughly 50% in slow-motion, roughly 50% about the Marvel universe rather than Thor and roughly 100% a disappointment. Say it's ain't so Joe... erm, Thor.


  1. I'm thinking that Sucker Punch looks pretty bad, like yet another cartoon with human faces every once in a while. I'm devided on Snyder, I loved Watchmen and hated 300 so this could go either way. I'm very excited for his Legends of the Guardians though, looks like an epic family adventure.

  2. Don't care how bad Sucker Punch might be. I must see it.

  3. I think Sucker Punch looks like a lot of fun. I'm not so sure that there won't be any substance to the film. The trailer looks like a video game, but I remain excited.

  4. Mike - I haven't seen anything on Legends Of The Guardians. I'll see it but it just hasn't tickled my fancy. On Snyder in general: I thinnk both the films you mentioned have problems but I basically enjoyed myself watching them and I'm kind of hoping for more of the same.

    Simon - It is indeed THAT sort of trailer.

    Edgar - Agreed. It's very gamey but you can't deny the visuals looks great. My excitement for it continues to build.