From The Files Of...

...well, that £10 was burning a hole in your pocket anyway (adventures in memorabilia land).

Available From: Ebay
Current Price: £1.99
Because who doesn't want to be Jack Bauer for a day.

Available From: Ebay
Current Price: £55(!) (sadly now ended for all you willing purchasers out there)
Because really, who doesn't want to act like a cameoing miner. Especially when you click on the link and see the no-doubt 'very important' scene the prop was used in.

Available From: Ebay
Current Price: £7.99 for 3
Because who wouldn't want to look like Jake-Abs!

'From The Files Of...': examining the nether regions of the movie world. With a big stick.


  1. A little late to the party on this, but I was only just linked to it.
    It's an item used by a background extra.. Nowhere did it say it was from a 'very important' scene.
    Sometimes it's nice for people to own a part of their favourite films, no matter how small. As obviously the things from 'very important' scenes fetch very high price tags!

  2. A very fair point although I still think £55+ is rather high for a prop that was hardly seen in the film. But completely see what you're saying, if it's your film then it's great that you can own a bit of it. Hopefully the article has its tongue firmly in its cheek.

  3. I hope so too. Either way, it was nice to see my picture on someone elses website.. Despite the fact this prop was sold to a fan of the film quite a long time ago.