Trailer Of The Week - Week #32

A trip back to 1998 this week and the war film from that year that wasn't Saving Private Ryan. Terrance Malick's The Thin Red Line was sadly overlooked at the box office and the awards, in part due to Spielberg's Oscar winner, but remains to this day a revered classic round these parts. Featuring a cast which basically includes anyone who was any good at acting in 1998, Malick used the then-completely-unknown Ben Chaplain and Jim Caviezel as the nominal leads, producing a war film that can not only be called a true ensemble but which can also most certainly be called beautiful. Sweeping and emotional, the trailer for Malick's masterpiece hints at the depths the director explores during the film and introduces us to one of the better scores of the nineties.

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  1. Sweet trailer for a great movie. Glad to see it again :)

  2. No problem and yes, agree on both counts - one of the films that enters my DVD drive at least once a year!