From The Files Of...

...holy cow. And it comes with a spinning top. 'The' spinning top in fact.

Think the price is too high? Well, lets compare and contrast that with these little beauties...

...a pair of Panasonic TY-EW3D10 3D glasses which will set you back (wait for it) the princely sum of £99.99 to enable you to watch your £3,000+ 3D TV. Or you could buy the above for £29.99 and merrily spin your top whilst watching the best film of the year in glorious 2D. No brainer really.

'From the files of...': examining the nether regions of the movie world. With a big stick.


  1. I want that Inception set!! But unfortunately I don't think NZ will have it:( And I don't have a Blu-Ray player either. Just can't win=(

  2. Rubbish but yes, those two things would seem to make getting hold of and then using it a little bit difficult!