Film Intel's Final Word

Batman 3 Gets A Title, Quickly Becomes World's Most Anticipated Film.

Story: LA Times

Massive amounts of credit to The LA Times for scooping this one but equally massive amounts of credit to Movie Moron who either found or created the above brilliant pictorial representation of the film.

Rabbit Hole Trailer Surfaces.

Story: EW

This sort of straight drama always arrives with very little hype and fanfare but one trailer earlier in the week was enough to put this toward the top of a lot of people's Oscar predictions (NB: yet another reason why Oscar predictions so far out are fairly worthless).

Captain America Pictures See Evans Square-Jawed, Weaving Dastardly.

Story: /Film

If Weaving laughs a 'mwuhah... mwuhah.... mwuhah ha ha' type laugh at any point during this film, I'm walking out.

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