Trailer Of The Week - Week #43

Whilst Black Swan might have got the critics all excited at the London Film Festival on Friday, it was British film NEDS that started to get people talking earlier in the week. Directed by Peter Mullan - who you might recognise from acting turns in films such as Children Of Men or Trainspotting - the trailer builds a very definite air of dread and certainly looks influenced by the rough-and-tough work of Shane Meadows. Star Connor McCarron is being tipped for all kinds of future success.

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  1. wow! that movie looks really interesting! do you know whether it will come to the U.S. or not?

  2. I'm not sure its actually got a distributor anywhere yet although if that's true then I would expect a UK one to be secured very soon after the London Film Festival. If you live anywhere near a town which has a film festival then I imagine it will probably feature on the US festival circuit as it tries to find distribution over there but unless it starts to pick up much more press it's probably only likely to see a DVD release at some point in the next 6 months or so. You never know though, it might get lucky!