The BIG Question: Your Responses

This week we asked which trailer had captured your imagination the most from a selection of hot new things - Cowboys & Aliens, Green Lantern, Your Highness and Red Riding Hood - and you provided us with the following nuggets of wisdom...

Univarn, NC - 'The young male actors in the Red Riding Hood trailer make Robert Pattinson seem dynamic.'

Ben Bussey, UK - 'Tempted to say Your Highness purely for Portman in a thong.'

MattDamon, Scotland - 'Cowboys and Aliens, definitely.'

Chris Lejarzar, California - 'Your Highness by a mile. Lastly is Red Riding Hood: which I'd avoid AT ALL COSTS.'

SuperRod88, Brazil - 'Cowboys & Aliens... of the four films it is the most original, the other ones have a old formula behind.'

TheMike31, IA - 'the biggest shocker of this bunch has to be how the Twilight craze has given us a movie with Gary Oldman as a werewolf...and given me no desire to care for it. Shame on them.'

Middnight, UK - 'Cowboys & Aliens? Is that the new animated film with Will Ferrell doing a voice?'

Hypnogoria - 'Clear winner had to be Cowboys & Aliens. Looks gorgeous and a lot more intriguing than the lazy sounding mash-up titles suggest. This could be the best genre hopping Western since Valley Of Gwangi!'

gmanreviews, Jamaica - 'Cowboys & Aliens. Also ever since I saw Magnificent Seven and decided that Daniel Craig is the Steve McQueen of today I decided he needs to do a western.'

Verdict: Cowboys & Aliens wins it by a nose but not before Your Highness, with help from Natalie Portman's rear, put up a strong fight. Pessimism is the name of the game for Red Riding Hood whilst the reaction to Green Lantern was generally pretty apathetic.

Film Intel have started to use Formspring as a way of gauging your reactions to current happenings in the film world. If you want to take part and share your opinions with us then just make sure we're friends on the site - the choicest quotes from the best responses will be posted in articles we run right here. You can also take part via our Twitter page where all questions will also be posted.

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