Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Robert De Niro To Be Honoured At Golden Globes.

Story: BBC

About time too. Harrumph.

Debut Trailer For Jane Eyre Hits.

Story: Yahoo! Movies

Looks distinctly like a Sunday evening, televisual, period drama to me. Also: who is this aimed at?

Gibson 'OK' Over The Hangover 2 Axing.

Story: Digital Spy

Phew. Glad that's all sorted. Never have more words been written about a cameo. Massive win for whoever handles The Hangover's PR. Now, can we move on please?

And finally...

We've had some bad titles recently (Scre4m or 5nal Destination anyone?) and Den Of Geek's report that Clash Of The Titans 2 will be subtitled Wrath Of The Titans just adds another to the list. In a series already stinking out the place with the amount of cheese involved, did we really need something as faux-dramatic as that? As DoG point out, expect the inevitable 'Titans Have Wrath' tagline.

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