From The Files Of...

...release date nightmares.

Yesterday the UK was beset my a plethora of great-to-good film releases. We had Robert Downey Jr. comedy Due Date, Mike Leigh's awards-bothering Another Year, vampire remake Let Me In and several men throwing themselves at several hard things in Jackass 3D.

Lets compare and contrast those releases with what's in store this coming Friday. Top of the pile is Skyline... or, it was, until word went round this week that it hasn't been press screened and actually, might not be very good at all. Optimism was replaced by pessimism. Fine, not a problem, there will be something else along to cheer us up. And there is, in the form of comedy You Again. 'What's that', you say? Well exactly. You Again has had zero marketing push from its studio having been slated in every territory where it has thus far been released. What is there to save us then? A little film called Flipped which, although distributed by Warner Brothers screams 'Indie' and has only made back $1.75mil of its $14mil budget during its US release.

Film Intel message for the weekend: enjoy this week in film whilst you can.


  1. You should see my release date nightmares...I just did a whole post on that!
    The movies here are getting quite thin, but once The Social Network is released this week, I think things ae looking up!

  2. Yes, it must be very difficult. I suppose, next to the US, we don't do badly in the UK on release dates but that doesn't stop the occasional mess-up like next week where the industry seems to have forgotten to release a 'good' film!