From The Files Of... film watching.

If you follow us on Twitter, you'll probably have seen a few tweets recently about watching films online. For free. Legally.

US readers will no doubt be familiar with the Netflix service, whilst in the UK, we wrote about Lovefilm's fledgling online service way back in November of last year, when it first started to appear and legal online viewing looked set to take off in a big way.

With the service now fully launched and adding to its library all the time, we teamed up with our partners at Lovefilm to delve into their archives and pick out the best bits.

With the remake in cinemas now, it's difficult to think of something more topical to recommend than Let The Right One In, Tomas Alfredson's adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist's haunting Swedish novel. The slow burning narrative and occasionally intense horror won't be to everyone's tastes but its doubtful that there's been a more influential horror film in recent times. Check out our review for more details.

Recently added to the service, Constantine remains a hugely underrated slice of occult and religious mysticism, based on the Hellblazer comic books. With Keanu Reeves in full flow as a rougher, tougher, version of Neo, there's a lot here to love for thriller, horror and comic book fans alike.

Just one of many classics available, The Third Man ranks as one of Film Intel's all time favourites, with a great turn from Orson Welles and one of the most memorable speeches about Cuckoo Clocks ever committed to film. You owe it to yourself to see this.

One of a selection of great documentaries available, Andrew Jarecki's film succeeds in painting an almost completely none-judgemental portrait of a family destroyed by accusations of child molestation in 1980s America. Jarecki takes a judicious step back to allow the family to do everything themselves; whether that be self-incriminating or partially redeeming. A unique edge-of-your seat documentary. Check out our review for more details.


  1. Valid, yes...when did the Third Man go Instant?

  2. Think it's been on LOVEFiLM for a while now (just click through the link) but aren't you in the US? Not sure whether its made it to Netflix or not yet.