The BIG Question: Your Responses

Nature called and you answered! In other news: we asked you to cast an actor and an actress in your perfect film and you picked the following stars to anchor your production.

gmanreviews, Jamaica - 'I'm going to go ahead and make a musical, because I love them... I therefore cast Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anne Hathaway'

Mr Salinas, Texas - 'Leonardo DiCaprio and Emily Blunt'

JohnnyNoPulse, Essex - 'Sam Rockwell & Carey Mulligan. Both wonderfully gifted'

Univarn, NC - 'Daniel Day Lewis would have to be the actor. The man could adapt to anything I come up with. For the actress I'm going to pick Charlize Theron. She's at just the right age to play up or down, and just the right look to play tough or loving'

Branden, Texas - 'Sean Penn and Kate Winslet. Why? Sean can do no wrong in my eyes. Kate is effortless and disappears into a role.'

DeeBee12, Durham - 'Rebecca Hall and Ryan Gosling. Not necessarily the best, but natural actors that I find interesting'

JCP55, Texas (indulging in a blatant spot of cheating) - 'either Micheal Sheen, Tom Hardy or Sam Rockwell... for actress I would have to go with Carey Mulligan or Rinko Kikuchi'

SuperRod88, Brazil - 'Jake Gyllenhaal and Abbie Cornish. He has some box-office appeal and she needs more roles and be more recognisable'

EternityofDream - 'they actually appeared in one movie. Leonardo Dicaprio and Meryl Streep'

AshFoo, Scotland - 'Would it be a cop-out to re-cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel together again? While truly making '(500) Days of Summer' for me, the bonus 'Bank Dance' music video displayed how brilliant they were as a team'

Hypnogoria (whose answer is huge and worth reading in full) - 'Lina Leandersson. As after her stunning performance in the modern classic Let The Right One In, we're desperate to see her in something else and we're quite sure she'd be brilliant in any role you throw at her... the male lead, that's tougher but we'll go for George Clooney'

The Verdict: By a majority of one vote each (when you take into account some of the unpublished answers), Zooey Deschanel and Sam Rockwell got the majority of your votes but the real story here is the massive range of performers you went for. From Day Lewis to DiCaprio, Hathaway to Hall, there's a lot of hot talent out there at the moment and your wide range of answers reflect that. Particular kudos to the Rebecca Hall/Ryan Gosling suggestion which we can see working on all kinds of levels. As ever, thanks for your response and look out for another question soon!

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  1. My long lasting wish is to see Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman in a film together.
    Karl Urban and EMily Blunt.

    And my wish to see Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet together has already been fulfilled :)

  2. Good calls Dez (particularly like the sound of Urban and Blunt) although the suggestion I was sent on twitter this morning to pair 'Sandra Bullock and a very aggressive tiger' is currently my favourite!

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