From The Files Of...

...rumour control. I'm not going to launch into a tirade against rumour-mongering but as Univarn said in his recent post about sites which publish multiple rumours: there has to be a line where you stop because the rumour is just too silly, or outlandish, or unreliable. And I think I've found that line: reporting on a post by an anonymous member of an online forum who claims to have seen the script for The Dark Knight Rises.

The report I read can be found here although, in that site's defence, they are reporting on another site's findings. Still, the whole tone of the article seems to want to highlight the unreliability of the 'leaked script' so why re-publish the story in the first place if you don't believe it to be true? It reeks of hit-whoring and its the point where I have to say that I've really had enough of reading mindless waffle that anyone could have cooked up with a glance through the more recent script rumours.

A press release by a major film studio on one of the many days in January you say? Go figure. Talia al Ghul? Been rumoured since the start. There's 'a lot of action, epic fight scenes'. However did you guess? Sorry, 'know'?

Ridiculous. Can we please filter out this kind of guff?

Having said that, it does give me an excuse to publish this picture again...

Ha ha ha. Ahem.


  1. i don't have much to say about this- but i tend to take everything i read online with a certain amount of skepticism...
    why did batman grow so much??? that is batman right?

  2. Definitely a wise course of action. Just recently there seems to have been even more silly stuff around than normal. Ha, ha; yes, that's BATMAN or, The Dark Knight, rising ;-)