Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

First Glimpse Of Andrew Garfield As Peter Parker.

Story and Pictures: Total Film

Yes, fine, it's just two people kissing on some stands but (now that the silly casting rumours are over) any sneak peek at Marc Webb's reboot is very welcome. Fanboys everywhere: arm yourselves with cameras and head out into the wild!

Monsters' Edwards Linked To New Godzilla.

Story: Den Of Geek

There are three schools of thought on this; One - excellent, a talented young director has been given a blockbuster to play with, hopefully we'll see something new. Two - oh no, Edwards will never direct anything original again. Three - why in the God-awful cosmos are they making another Godzilla? On careful reflection, I agree with all three.

Trailer For The Bleeding Hits. Then Sucks.

Story: Live For Films

Was genuinely interested in seeing what a vampire film with Vinnie Jones, DMX and Michael Madsen looked like. Then the trailer started flickering at me like a mad moth round an epileptic candle and I turned it off. Shame.


  1. I can't get used to Emma Stone as a blonde.

  2. Yeah, she looks completely different. I imagine I will have by the time the film rolls around.