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Have We Found The Ultimate 'Why The Hell Is This In 3D?' Movie?

Story: Empire

I'm completely 'for' Luhrmann directing this - he does big, massively dramatic, period pieces very well - but in 3D? Surely this is one of those properties (a classic) that 3D just can't improve?

Malick's Next Surfaces. Has Large, Outstanding, Cast. Sure To Suffer Editing Room Cuts.

Story: The Hollywood Reporter

Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Olga Kurylenko, Javier Bardem, Barry Pepper and Rachel Weisz. There's no way Malick's notoriously trigger happy editing figure will allow that brilliant cast to remain unscathed. Weisz is our bet.

Bodyguard Remake Imminent. Plot Will Revolve Around Marc Webb And His Team's Battle With Spider-Man Fanboys.

Story: Slash Film

The fact that this is being produced for a 'young female singer with popular appeal' does not bode well. Our Marc Webb idea is much better.


  1. The Great Gatsby in 3D? Didn't know that. Not the best piece of news. I'm fed up with this 3D obsession.

  2. I've not read the Great Gatsby (the amount of classic books I haven't read could probably fill a library),
    would it benefit from 3D?

  3. Lesya - For a film like that it seems a very silly decision although it doesn't surprise me that Luhrmann has gone that way. The plus side is that you can always wait for the DVD!

    desertofreel - I have read it and didn't love it but I can see why it's so well thought of. I can't think of one scene/moment that needs 3D. It's a period and/or character piece.