From The Files Of... The Day Headline Writing Died

So, headline writers - you've got a press release in your sweaty palms proclaiming that the new title for Marc Webb's hitherto untitled Spider-Man reboot is going to be The Amazing Spider-Man. Come up with your best, most original, most attention grabbing, strap-line. One, two, three.... Go!


E! Online

Entertainment Weekly


International Business Times

On The Box


Well done lads. Go and have a lie down. Your work here is done.


  1. My life has been changed forever. I thought on Box Office Mojo could make my soul weep with each horrid pun post title... this beats them all.

  2. But the title is amazin... oh, I've fallen into the same trap :)

  3. Lining 'em up and knocking 'em down.

  4. What's the betting "Spider-man Gets Amazing Title" was the title of the press release.

  5. Uni - Box Office Mojo's posts will still make you weep... this'll just do it a little bit more. It does not deserve the title of 'pun'!

    Desert - they've got to you already! Seek help!

    Nicholas - thank you kindly, Sir!

    Aiden - If they continue to bowl underarm, I will continue to hammer them!

    Dan - that didn't cross my mind until I saw your comment but I suspect you are 100% right. I really hope you are in fact - would make it even lazier journalism!

  6. Amazing post. Haha (I am so not funny)

  7. Ha ha, cheers Stevee! See my comment to deserofreel - the amazingness is spreading like some sort of infectious disease!

  8. They all looked good to me...

    Wow, I just googled that headline and there's like, a hundred other sites that used it.

    I wonder who was the first...

  9. I suspect, as Dan says, the credit for who was first must go down to the guy who wrote the press release. I Googled it myself for this and could have used many more examples. It's shocking how many people have picked it up.