Trailer Of The Week - Week #12

With the recent release of the first image from the forthcoming Silent Hill sequel, Revelations, which began filming this month in Toronto, now seemed an appropriate time to revisit the original film. The videogame adaptation that it's OK to like, Silent Hill did what all other adaptations have failed to do; taking the mechanics, the plot and the look and feel of the game and crafting them into something which functioned as a believable cinema experience, rather than as simple fanboy eye-candy. In the lead role, Radha Mitchell added steel, believability and weight to the project, perfectly cast as heroine Rose. The town of Silent Hill, so crucial to the atmosphere of the game, was also very well realised, with great photography from Dan Laustsen, even if the effects work occasionally let him down. Here's hoping the sequel proves to be a worthy addition to the Silent Hill universe.

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  1. False! SILENT HILL took the look and feel of the games, and did a great job translating them, but failed as a movie. The only video game adaptation worth anything, I'm sorry to say, is PRINCE OF PERSIA, which took the look, feel, and mechanics of the game, and turned it into a semi-decent movie.

  2. Oof, PRINCE OF PERSIA was the closest I came to walking out of a cinema last year. Perhaps when I rewatch it my opinion will mellow but on my initial viewing I really didn't enjoy it.