The BIG Question: Pre-Film Education

How much is too much? A difficult question, especially when considering how much you need to have seen or heard about a film before you go to see it. Not enough information and you're walking in blind to what could be a complete disaster. Too much information and you feel like you've seen the film before you even set foot in a cinema. So do you watch the trailer? What about the online clips? Read many reviews before you head in to see something? Or do you stumble in blind as much as possible? We asked and you answered.

iTunes currently has twenty different trailers, clips and character spots available for Cars 2

SmarmyJerkface - 'I prefer going in as blind as possible. A cast list and one sentence plot description are all I need, at most.'

SuperRod88 - 'I try to read a few things about the film, see what people are saying on film websites, read one review or another, nothing much detailed'

mrstattypot - 'Normally just watch a trailer. I don't care for reviews as I make up my own mind about a film.'

bdsr80 - 'I never go into a movie completely blind unless I'm watching a DVD. That's the only time.'

krisholt - 'Going in relatively blind is usually the best way to go, but it's difficult not to have at least some prior knowledge of the plot... twitter obviously doesn't help when it comes to avoiding spoilers.'

jebutlin - 'I'll watch a trailer at the very least, that's unavoidable. I'll normally know a fair amount about the film anyway, through news or tweets, or maybe by osmosis'

The first five minutes of Sucker Punch were available to watch online, just before the film hit cinemas.

komaljverma - 'If I am fifty-fifty about seeing one, I might read a review or two.'

hypnogoria - 'I will watch the trailers and check out a few spoiler free reviews from folks whose judgements I respect. If the buzz is positive and the trailer doesn't make me want to stab out either my own eyes or the director's with a plastic spoon, money will change hands at the theatre'

crimsonfaie - 'I always watch trailers. If my favorite actors are involved, I'll watch interviews. I generally stay away from critic reviews. I try to remain spoiler free as much as possible.'

Psymin1 - 'My biggest pet peeve with film is spoilers. I like to go in as blind as possible, but need to see the trailer to get excited about the film'

adamkeithbest - 'I really dislike going in blind, but a lot of build-up for films tend to be bloody awful. I tend to watch a few trailers for the film, get a notion of the film or even go with some word of mouth'

The Verdict: 'Balance' is the key word here with most people stating that they like to learn a little bit about any given film from the trailers and a couple of reviews but not so much that they feel like the plot is entirely given away. A few brave culture warriors try to avoid as much as possible about any given films although a few of you admit that in doing that, you've had your fingers burnt and had to sit through some awful films.

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  1. Interesting post. I'm probably in the minority here, but advance information-even plot details-doesn't bother me, unless the film is the type where the only point of it is to get shocked at the "twist."
    Generally, I find that well-made movies actually improve on second viewings (when you know the story), since plot surprises aren't integral to enjoyment of the film.

  2. I don't usually bother with knowing too much. Going in blind can lead to some real gems turning up. Often too much info can prejudice your opinion before you watch a movie.
    For me it just needs to look half way interesting and I'm there!! Many sell them selves like all super hero movies. Each to their own but I see so many movies to know or not isn't an issue for me. I just go and see!!

  3. mediaconsomme - some good points there, especially in what you say about second viewings. I often find that to be the case too yet do enjoy going in to a film knowing little about it. I guess there's some middle ground somewhere although no doubt it's very hard-to-find middle ground!

    Brent - another good attitude! With so much coverage I find it hard to go in blind but on the odd occasion when I've managed to watch a DVD without knowing anything about the film I've managed to turn up some real gems.