Trailer Of The Week - Week #15

The emergence last week of the trailer for Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell had me immediately thinking of the last time Ferrell did solid, non-bawdy-comedy work in 2006's Stranger Than Fiction. Although innately comedic in its setup (Ferrell's character, Harold Crick, hears his life being narrated to him as he goes through his day) Marc Forster's film was actually a serious drama and genre-examination, posing behind layers of metatextuality and the amazing skill of Zach Helm's script to add in a new laugh every five minutes. The trailer doesn't quite do the film's setup the justice it deserves, nor does it place the correct amount of emphasis needed on Ferrell's relationship with Maggie Gyllenhaal's character, which forms much of the meat of the story. What it does do though is show Ferrell in genius quiet-comedy mode, rather than his more accented stuff in the likes of Anchorman and, most recently, The Other Guys. Still Ferrell's best performance, this is what he's capable of when he leaves the bawdy stuff behind.

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