Transformers In Disguise? - The Asus Eee Pad And The Movie Blogger

When Asus wrote to me suggesting that I might like to be the movie-related guinea-pig in their experiment to find out what a transformer could do for bloggers from different areas of interest, I was confused. The main reason I was confused was because I was wondering where the hell I was going to put one of these.

An group of electrical transformers. Yesterday.

When I thought about it a little more, I thought that maybe they weren't sending me one of those at all and that perhaps, in fact, they were sending me one of these.

More applicable to the average movie fan, yes, but likely to change my blogging practices or my viewing experience? Probably only if I sat on it by mistake.

As it turns out, Asus were sending me neither of the above but were actually sending me this.

Which is a bit scary. Not for me you understand, but for them. I've never owned a tablet. My last laptop died when I mistakenly knocked a beer on to it. The laptop before that is sitting on my bedroom floor, in the same place it has been for several months, resolutely and rather mockingly refusing to turn on. The one before that suffered a cracked screen. I once broke a mobile phone within three days of taking delivery of it. If the rather cumbersomely named Asus Eee Pad Transformer survives the next month, I'll eat it, just to keep my record up.

Anyway, assuming it does survive, the Transformer is my new movie-watching companion. Despite the above I'm not completely a technical Luddite and therefore might be able to get it to do something useful. Or I might not. Either way, this brief mini-series will be entertaining. Or it might not.

Where's the 'on' button?

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