Trailer Of The Week - Week #18

This week's Trailer Of The Week was going to focus on some very worthy indie film but hey, when the overlords of the Internet send you something like this you'd be a fool to look a gifthorse/Kate Hudson in the mouth. The reasons why Something Borrowed could not be ignored are various but lets start with the fact that it stars someone called Colin Egglesfield and we've just finished Easter (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? EGGS! EASTER! COLIN!). Secondly, this will also see the return to the big screen of John Krasinski, showing once again why casting him as Captain America was the most bonkers thing ever to cross Hollywood's collective brain cell. There's also Ginnifer Goodwin (made up to look dowdy, don't you know), a trailer which shows the entire plot in two and a half minutes, a horrible pop song towards the end and a character who actually says 'that was the night I let true love slip away'. Impossible to ignore. Also impossible to un-see.

Trailer Of The Week is a regular Film Intel feature which picks a different tasty trailer of delectable goodness every week and presents it on Sunday for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes major, sometimes independent, sometimes brilliant, sometimes a load of old bobbins: always guaranteed to entertain. If you want to make a suggestion for Trailer Of The Week, see the contact us page.

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