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What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Dragon Tattoo Trailer 'Leaked'; PR Stunt Or Website Arse-Covering Exercise?

Story: THR

Originally this smacked of 'we're a major website publishing a pirated piece of Hollywood copyright material and we're going to do our best to make up a cover story for ourselves' but I suppose, when you dig in to it, the cover story sounds fairly plausible. Especially if the trailer is still available on YouTube by the time you read this.

Pirates 5 Headlines Include The Words 'Rumour', 'Wish List'. Stretches Definition Of 'Headline' To Breaking Point.

Story: Slash Film

Move on. Nothing to see here. Nothing... to... see... here... etc. Etc.

Bond 23 Bonding With Britain First.

Story: Empire

It still rankles that The King's Speech managed to get a US release date before it was seen on these shores. Glad to see Bond is no defector.


  1. As to your Bond comment - I honestly don't know why any of them release at different times anyways. Well, at the major blockbuster level at least. Nobody in the US will go see it any more or less because it's gotten good/bad reception from a British audience. Nor do I imagine it releasing in Britain first, will incline British audiences to seek it out with greater assurance. *shrug* Nobody asks my opinion about these things though.

  2. It does seem rather pointless although, the usual explanation for these things is that it allows the stars, directors, key crew, etc. to do press in multiple countries.