The BIG Question: 'Give Me Harrrry Potter!'

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 marks the final film in the Potter series and, possibly, the final time we'll see any original material produced around J. K. Rowlings' popular series of books. We asked how that made you feel and what memories the series had left you with. Potterholics answered in their droves.

stumpmedia - 'I never liked the idea of Chris Columbus's involvement... The tone for the rest of the series was properly set by Prisoner of Azkaban'

mrstattypot - 'Can't stand Harry Potter. Will never watch any films or read any of the books. Don't like witchcraft and children'

SuperRod88 - 'it's time to move on, there will be other books and other sources besides Potter to be filmed... I loved the first film because of its magic, it was something fresh and interesting'

murphychild - 'I will absolutely miss the series. I admit to a little Post Potter Depression. The final movie left me perfectly happy. I couldn't have asked for a better ending'

SWMCryotek - 'I feel indifferent... I would change a lot of things, like the fact in Prisoner of Azkabhan, their is a magical time travel device used to help defeat the villain of the week character BUT IS NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN IN THE OTHER FILMS WHERE IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN JUST A LITTLE BIT USEFUL IN SAVING LIVES AND ENDING THE EVIL PLOT A BIT QUICKER!!!!!!!!!'

pauldeuce - 'It's bittersweet for me. I really enjoyed the franchise but I knew it couldn't last forever.'

himynameisCharl - 'I feel a little sad it's come to an end... I love Rickman being all mean and evil, and Dame Maggie, well she can do no wrong really. I think it was a fitting end to the series, I like how they got progressively darker.'

MovieNut14 - 'Haven't read the books or seen the movies. Do I regret it? Not really.'

Cyberschizoid - 'not a fan of Harry Potter or anything like that. I guess the only thing in it's favour is that it propped up the British film industry for a few years'

lukepease - 'I feel sad. My favourite bit was probably when Ron tells Malfoy to "Eat slugs!" but his wand backfires. I would only change it so Sirius doesn't die.'

The Verdict: Unsurprisingly both sides of the Potter debate are represented; from ardent fans who are sorry to see the series end to people who haven't seen a single film or touched a single book (and probably never will). Perhaps it's a show of the series' strength that it inspires such strong feelings in people, whichever side of the debate they happen to be on. The last but one point by Cyberschizoid raises a good discussion point. Just what the hell are all these British actors going to do with their time now?

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  1. All good things come to an end!! Even though the last two films let me down somewhat in many respects it may be a good thing it is all over. Without a re-vamp, or change of style, it would have gone on too long, and ended up like all franchises that have hung in there too long.
    I loved all things HP about the books and films except for the splitting up of Deathly Hallows which didn't work for me and smelt too much like dirty lucre for liking.
    It is now going to be interesting to see how the HP phenomenon is going to interpreted in the next 5- 10- 15 even out to 50 years from now. We talk of classics from the 50's 60's 70's, and one day these CGI heavy HP films are going to look dated and it will be interesting to see how they are recieved in the future as potential 'classics'.

  2. It's interesting to revisit the choice to split the last book. I think I agree with you that, even though I like the second film, it was a bad decision and one purely based on money. Thought the first film in particular was fairly awful and if you were to cut out all the loitering around in that film and shorten the Hogwarts section in the second I suspect you'd end up with a very good three-hour action adventure.

  3. Exactly!! Peter Jackson was able to compress the last LOTR novel into a film just over three hours so I think Deathly Hallows should have done the same. After all it is a shorter book than The Return of the King as well.
    That is my only real gripe with the last two films, not the visual quality, just that splitting up and the money grab.