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Extra Hot

Two short pieces of genius are by far the best selections on the fairly sparsely populated Submarine blu-ray; Ben Stiller's video message to the cast and the music video to Alex Turner's Piledriver Waltz. Stiller's video message (possibly the best piece of comedy he's come up with in the last few years) came about due to the fact that he has an executive producer credit on the film and it plays out nicely as a gently self-deprecating bit of parody, which no doubt cheered the cast up during a fairly sparsely populated shoot. The video for Piledriver Waltz is nothing to write home about but the song itself is lovely - as are most of Turner's new efforts for the soundtrack, five in total - and having the ability to revisit it is a welcome addition, often over-looked on other packages.

Extra Not

Two different Q&A sessions add little to the understanding of the film thanks largely to the fact that director Richard Ayoade seems to think that he needs to reply to every question with a pithy one-liner. They are good examples of how good the director might be if he were to turn his hand to stand up but here they've got little to add. The cast and crew 'talking heads' interviews feature the same banal questions as usual but do at least show how good the performances are in the fact that they illustrate how different the actors are to their characters. The mock Graham Purvis (Paddy Considine) Through The Prism video is well presented but shows what would have happened if the joke of his character had been allowed to run on any longer in the main film.

Extra Everything

The test shoot footage is the best of the rest, demonstrating how a couple of the key scenes were developed as well as showing just how important the technical aspects (hair, make-up, costume) are to the finished article.

Other material includes;

- Commentary with Ayoade, author Joe Dunthorne and director of photography Erik Wilson
- Deleted and extended scenes
- Trailer

Extra Rating

Submarine is out on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK on Monday 1st August 2011

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