Trailer Of The Week - Week #28

Poor Nicholas Cage. Not a week goes by without some film coming out that is all too easy for critics to savage. This week it was Drive Angry. A few weeks ago it was Season Of The Witch. My heart bleeds for him. But, really, it's not all bad for the slightly balding star with the famous family connections. If you're after a bit of good contemporary Cage then you could do worse (much worse) than 2005's The Weather Man. The trailer doesn't quite show off the film's dark humour at its darkest (and believe me, it gets very dark) but it does hint at why Gore Verbinski's film works. It's a funny, honest, slightly surreal tale about a man who's a little at sea in his professional and personal lives... a bit like Cage's himself, come to think about it.

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  1. I am a Gore Verbinski fan myself, and I really want to see this film. I don't think Nick Cage is a terrible actor, just an unusual amount of terrible movies.

  2. I enjoyed it a lot. It has a warped sense of humour but there are moments of warmth and genuine laugh out loud elements. Worth a rental without a doubt.