Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

The Last Exorcism Sequel Announced.

Story: Total Film

Sooooo, guess it wasn't the 'last' one after all was it guys, hey? Come on. Play fair. It's not as if those 'final' Final Destination dudes ever got to make a sequ... oh.

The Playlist Takes Strong Stance On The Possibility Of Bulk Kurosawa Remakes.

Story: The Playlist

To be fair, this does not fill the heart with gladness, nor does the fact that the article reveals that three Kurosawa films are already some way along the process of being remade. Someone check Originality's pulse, it must be damn close to flatlining.

Scary Movie 5 Being Prepped.

Story: Slash Film

Maybe this one will be 'Scary'. Or, erm... a movie. Note the tagline to the original film.

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