From The Files Of... In Time's Dodgy Decisions

In and amongst the plethora of marketing material that sneaked out around the time of Comic Con there was a trailer for Andrew Niccol's new film, In Time. The film might, of course, be very good but on initial evidence it's just one of those projects asking for someone to point out all of the things that look wrong with it. So I have.

Alex Pettyfer

According to IMDb The Fer plays a character called Fortis. On the evidence of the trailer, Fortis would appear to be some sort of gangster-like evil dude who is after more time, which forms the film's currency. Apparently not content with ruining every potential Science-Fiction franchise going by being the star, Pettyfer has moved on to being spectacularly miss cast as the support. If you can currently somehow believe that he might be able to pull off 'hard-nosed boss of an evil gang' then I suggest not watching the trailer or looking at the following picture of him in Tom Brown's School Days...

Amanda Seyfried vs Olivia Wilde

Seyfried and Wilde both feature in In Time with Seyfried taking top billing (along with Justin Timberlake) and Wilde taking a supporting turn. This concoction would be easy to remember if the film-makers hadn't insisted on making Seyfried look as much like Wilde did in Tron: Legacy as possible, presumably with the sole intention of confusing the hell out of me. Bastards.

Trailer Length

The trailer is a weighty three minutes and fifty-six seconds long. I'd tell you all about what happened bu... zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Promotion Problems

The fact that the trailer managed to attract absolutely no attention during an event which has become synonymous with getting people to pay attention to vaguely over-rated films is worrying enough. The fact that this is what happens when you search YouTube for it (it is on there) must be doubly worrying...

Justin Timberlake

I quite like Justin Timberlake. He was good in The Social Network and he seems down-to-Earth in interviews. Still, there's a certain stigma attached to casting a former pop-star from a dodgy 1990s pop group in your film and, for many, this could be the final nail in In Time's spectacularly premature coffin.


  1. That's a little nitpicky, no?

    I'd agree with you on the first few points but to be honest it's not a real trailer (or at least the one I saw was just a sizzle reel hence the length). Promotion wise that could be down to the fact that IGN have exclusive dibs on the trailer (it should still appear but I think IGN are hosting on their site anyway). Lastly, I think Timber (that's what i'm calling him now) has outgrown that pop-boy look with some steady roles, Friends with Benefits looks to continue that and so does In Time.

    Still don't really understand the time is money concept. It hurts my brain.

  2. Perhaps so but it seemed a bit lazy to just write 'this looks a bit cack' and hit 'post'. Good point on the sizzle reel and its just had a new trailer released but still, not convinced a four minute version is the best way to introduce your film!

    Timberlake will always = 'N Sync. I will never forget.

  3. The Alex Pettyfer made me laugh terribly, although despite the two terrible movies I've seen him in I still have a feeling that he could be at least a good actor.

  4. The Fer. Oh, you.

    Actually, I thought they were trying to make Amanda Seyfried look like Anna Karina in Alphaville/Vivre sa vie...or maybe I'm projecting...

  5. Andrew: I commented on someone's post about him not so long ago saying a similar thing. He's definitely being backed by the studios. The thing that might do for him is the fact that he's apparently quite 'difficult' and his wage demands are reported as being astronomical.

    Simon: I considered The Petts but that just sounded odd. Good call on that look, you're right, it is very similar.