From The Files Of... Nice Bike

The above is a picture of Anne Hathaway on an over-sized motorcycle, wearing a costume you can hardly see and some goggles that are about the size of the headphone jack for my iPod (I checked, I also now need a new headphone jack). It will have no bearing on the merits or de-merits of The Dark Knight Rises. It is about as newsworthy as the below tweet by Dr Doom.

Now, pipe down and have some patience, lest I feel the need to throw this article at everyone currently arguing again. And, beware, the article is heavy. Mainly because I've attached it to a brick. And, if that fails (again), then I've got a cunning backup plan...


  1. As much as I love Christopher Nolan, I actually couldn't care less about what's happening on The Dark Knight Rises set. The only thing that I am looking forward to is when the movie actually comes out.

  2. I adopted that mentality at the start of the week. I really have had enough now, especially of the on-set photos and video leaks. I'll watch the trailer but I'm not looking out for anything else any more.