Seven Things Wrong With The I Don't Know How She Does It Poster

1 - It has the film's awful title on it.

2 - It has four women on it. One of them is Sarah Jessica Parker. One of them is blonde. One of them is a red head. One of them is... HOLD ON A MINUTE... I CAN SEE WHAT THEY'RE TRYING TO DO THERE.

3 - Reading the names from top to bottom in conjunction with the pictures from right to left results in a massive over-selling of Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear's visual merits.

4 - I'm no fashion/colour expert but I don't think vomit-green is in this season.

5 - Laughing at people's names isn't funny but there definitely appears to be someone called Busy in this film.

6 - Olivia Munn did not get the group memo about looking into the camera.

7 - Airbrushing is fantastic.


  1. But Christina Hendricks, my good man!

  2. But she's standing next to someone called Busy!

  3. 8 - No tagline or hint about the movie's plot. (In other words, the poster is completely pointless.

  4. Unless you buy into the completely baseless assumption that, because of 2, it's a bit like Sex And The City. But yes, I'll give you both of those points right there.