Trailer Of The Week - Week #36

An insight into the cunning and well-developed thought process behind this week's Trailer Of The Week...

'Ooh, The Inkeepers from Fright Fest looks rather good; it came pretty high up on the Total Film awards and the poster is rather delightful. Lovely stuff. I wonder if its got a trailer... Nope, nope its not got a trailer. Well, that shoots that plan to buggery then doesn't it. [Some time passes]. You know, I really fancy watching a haunted house film now. What are my choices? Well... that is just preposterous, Scary Movie 2 and Scary Movie 4 are just not going to cut it... AH HA HA HA oh my word... The Haunting! I remember seeing that in the cinema. I remember it was a load of horrendous awfulness. I wonder if it still is. Lets find out...'

So now you know.

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  1. I remembered on an episode of Dinner for Five, this old IFC show where Jon Faverau would eat dinner with four people. In that episode which was to promote John Sayles Casa de Los Babys that starred Lili Taylor. She talked about making that film saying it wasn't a great experience. Largely because of how difficult it was for Jan de Bont to make something that was scary and it was one of the most unpleasant experiences she had making a film though she along with the actors and de Bont did get along. It was just that they weren't really sure what to do with a film like this.

  2. It's not an easy story to tell (a lot of it is meant to be psychological) but yes, it's pretty evident that De Bont didn't have any sort of idea when it came to making a horror film, most obviously evidenced in the fact that I really don't remember this being scary at all. De Bont's back catalogue as director is not all that great when you look at it either.