Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Lars von Trier Puts Himself In A Melancholia Character Poster.

Story: SlashFilm

Presumably his ego wouldn't fit and is hiding just out of shot.

The Dark Knight Rises Officially Has No On-Set Security.

Story: MovieWeb

Anyone wishing to see The Dark Knight Rises before release need only stitch all of the paparazzi images from the last fortnight together in to a YouTube video. Happy? No, of course you're not. STOP LOOKING AT THE BLOODY PICTURES THEN.

Wanted Set To Return. No, I Don't Know Why Either.

Story: Reuters

Good news: Bekmambe-headachey-tov is not yet attached to direct. Bad news: there's still a chance that he might be.


  1. Wanted.....totally un-Wanted!! No a sequel is an unbearable thought, and one I dont want!!

  2. I didn't like Wanted.

    Might be that I didn't pay enough attention, but can't remember Von Trier to be in the movie :)

  3. I've got no interest in watching WANTED 2, or WANTED 1 ever again for that matter. Didn't enjoy the first one in any way shape or form.

    Nostra: I am reliably informed that the film is the reverse of the poster: his ego features but he doesn't. That said, I've also heard good reports and the trailer looked pleasant.