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Poster for The Sitter: Shall I Count The Ways Thou Art So Very Wrong?

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Also: this looks like being the film where we can indulge in nostalgically remembering a time when Jonah Hill was still fat.

The Avengers Trailer Debuts, Is Instantly Bitched About.

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Stuff we've already seen that is also in this trailer; every superhero/villain, Nick Fury, cars blowing up, hammers, Tony Stark being snide/slightly unlikeable, Hawkeye being marginalised. So, yeah, this is basically a trailer for Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.


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The new Judge Dredd film is now being described, by the film-makers themselves, as an 'unorthodox collaboration'. Which means its shit.


  1. The new Judge Dredd will be terrible as I heard that the guy who directed it has been locked out of the editing room.

  2. F*&k me the first Judge Dredd was a complete balls up so someone else is going to attempt the same thing??! Yeah even before it is released we just know it is going to be utter crap.
    The Sitters poster reminds me of the poster for Bond film For Your Eyes Only. It caused a real stir for looking between a females legs like that in 1981. Oh how times have changed as I bet this hardly creates a ripple!

  3. thevoid99 - they released a statement on that saying it wasn't a question of him being locked out it was more the 'unothodox' nature I mentioned above. But yeah, whichever way you spin it, it doesn't sound good.

    Brent - I had hope for it when I heard it was Karl Urban as Dredd but since then no news has been good news. Good call on the poster. I can picture the Bond one you're on about.

  4. That poster for The Sitter is horrible, can imagine a lot of protests from concerned parents about that one.

    Not looking forward to the Dredd movie, but then again I'm not a big comic book fan.

  5. If the film was bigger I think we'd be hearing more about that poster but perhaps a reflection of where that film is that it's not created much of a stir. Dredd is currently having a very good go at turning away everyone but the property's core fans.