Conclusive Proof That Every Film Would Be Better With Two Armie Hammers Instead Of One

The Mirror Mirror trailer launched on Yahoo yesterday. It only has one Armie Hammer. As The Social Network proved, everything works better with two Armie Hammers, as demonstrated below. Mirror Mirror producers: there's still time to make these changes and you can thank me later.

Two Armies at dinner is definitely improved company...

...especially when they listen to you so attentively.

Two Armies gives you the chance to include that awkward 'oh no, you wore that too!' scene.

Armie One was slightly more drunk than Armie Two...

...but Armie Two soon caught up.

I don't understand what's happening here but it would definitely be better with two Armies.

The Armies two go cold turkey together for an increased chance of success.

Two Armies also gives you the chance to have that 'me vs me' battle scene. Army One is angry, Army Two seems to only just have realised Army One exists.

The Armies have bought their armies (sorry).


  1. The second Armie always does the trick!

  2. He should be contractually obliged to turn up in duplicate.

  3. Maybe they could cast his body double to walk around in the scene behind him, plotting his demise.

  4. I can just picture that now. Evil Armie walking right behind original Armie with his hands together, twiddling his fingers. Brilliant.

  5. Hahahahaha, I've never seen so much truth in one post!