Green Lantern - DVD Review

'Reynolds lark-a-minute style of acting translates poorly to the action scenes, which need a much more heady feel of threat and machismo'

Despite the fact that it is propped up by the loosest flim-flam of a script, full of the recycled cast-off parts of superheroes who came before, Martin Campbell's take on DC property Green Lantern manages to be fleetingly fun, at least in a disposable 'take your ring off and go back to your day job at the end of it' kind of a way.

As brave pilot stereotype/heart-throb layabout, Hal Jordan, Ryan Reynolds brings humour to the hero whilst managing to avoid recalling memories of Batman And Robin. Reynolds' natural charm lends the first and middle thirds of the film the breezy feel of a daytime sitcom, although his lark-a-minute style of acting translates poorly to the action scenes, which need a much more heady feel of threat and machismo.

Campbell, who revitalised James Bond not once but twice with Goldeneye and Casino Royale, fluffs his lines when the pace starts pumping, delivering not one single action sequence that sticks in the memory. All are functional but none inspire the feeling of wanting to get up and fly through the city (Superman) or encourage the flipping of a full-size freight lorry (The Dark Knight). There's just nothing here that feels like Campbell has set out to make his mark on the genre or the franchise.

If Green Lantern is shown the red light at this stage then a great mine of worthwhile material will sadly be wasted. The next stage in Jordan's development - as hinted at in the post credits scene - is merely the start of a character arc that, from here on in, heads steadily downwards.

Support from Blake Lively is not as bad as advertised, although the presence of Tim Robbins is perfunctory and the constant re-enforcement that everyone has Father issues, distractingly over-played. Not horrendous but spectacularly unremarkable, wasting the chance to start something big for Warner Brothers.

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'the film suffers the same way many superhero movies do, trying to please the comics die-hard fans whilst also allowing average cinema goers to enjoy the film as well' - Front Row Review, 2/5


  1. Not horrendous but spectactularly unremarkable absolutely nails this films problem on the head. Like so many big budget films it just didn't deliver anything. I didn't hate it, but walked away from it amazed at its blandness. It really was a non-entity of a cinema visit!!

  2. In a lot of ways I couldn't agree more. It did a little more for me (otherwise it would have been in solid 2* territory) and seeing the character come to life on the big screen was a joy but there's so little to remember fondly afterwards.

  3. Bland was the overwhelming feeling I had with this, made even worse by the fact that it is a very interesting universe and certainly very different from other comic properties (a galactic canvas). Not as bad as the reviews made it seem to be but it apes too many (better) comic book films. It lacks a strong identity I feel. I'm also still confused over the fuss about Blake Lively if there was a fuss in the first place.

    Also extremely disappointed by James Newton Howard's score, utterly forgettable.

  4. Confused over the negative Lively fuss or the positive? I think she was fine but suffered from the same problem as the rest of the film: she was just unremarkable. Thought she was very impressive in THE TOWN and was hoping for a bit more here.

  5. Should have clarified, confused about the fuss about her before the film came out. She is good in The Town but I've never seen her as much an acting talent to take notice of, someone who could elevate thin material into something more than a caricature. Perhaps I'm being harsh.

    Here's hoping she'll shine in The Savages

  6. In an attempt by the script to be both epic and snarky, director Martin Campbell and actor Ryan Reynolds did the best they could with what they were given to work with. Although it could have been so much better, I still had a fun time. Good review.

  7. desertofreel - yes, I understand, THE TOWN is the only thing I've seen her in and I think most of the buzz around her seems to have come from that. And yes, her next role is pretty crucial to where her career goes. Don't think it helped her that she was something like the seventh actress to be offered the PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES lead.

    Dan - Was definitely unconvinced by Reynolds during the action but yes, for better or worse, he can certainly pull off being a bit of an arse with a sense of humour.