Warner Attempt To Better 'Titans Will Clash'. Fail.

As the marketing campaign kicked off for Wrath Of The Titans, the world was on tenterhooks to see if the genius bods behind the Clash Of The Titans' marketing campaign could beat their previous - winner of Best Tagline Ever - effort from the 2010 film. Could they!? Would they?! Erm... should they!?

No. They could have at least gone for 'Feel The Titans'.


  1. Here are all my lazy ideas for a Wrath tagline

    Remember the Titans

    Return of the Titans

    Wrath will be wrought

    Smell the wrath

    And to think they paid someone to come up with that, I would have done it for free!

  2. 'Wrath will be wrought' is brilliant, as is 'smell the wrath'. Possible threequel: 'Smell The Wrath, starring The Rock'.