Film Intel's 2011 Retrospective: Part 2 - The Stats

Possibly only of interest to those with severe OCD, these are the Film Intel film-watching stats for 2011. Look upon them in amazement. Or bewilderment. Or boredom.

Total films watched in 2011: 221

First film of the year: The King's Speech

Last film of the year: Paul

Film watched with the highest IMDb average rating: Inception (8.9)

Film watched with the lowest IMDb average rating: Age Of The Dragons (3.3)

Film watched with highest number of IMDb votes: Inception (472,558)

Film watched with lowest number of IMDb votes: Eliminate: Archie Cookson (not yet elligible) or Mitsuko Delivers (17)

Top three genres watched: Drama (105), Thriller (93), Action (64)

Bottom three genres watched: News (1), Sport (3), Musical (4)

Earliest produced film watched: The Great White Silence (1924)

Average rating given to films watched in 2011 (to 2dp): 6.06/10

Roll on being able to bore you stupid with this feature again in a year's time.


  1. I think it's interesting... but I'm a geek.

  2. Yes, me too. To both points, in fact!

  3. Given your top three genres watched, how do you feel about comedies? I know The In-Betweeners was a big hit in your country (so we know nothing about it here except that it was supposed to be funny). Do you think comedy is dead? Is that particular stat a fluke? Or are you just not a fan?

  4. Interesting questions! The top three genres are skewed slightly because they're based on IMDb labels and IMDb labels a lot of stuff (nearly 50% of my watches) as a 'drama' then adds in what most people would actually describe it as (thriller, horror, etc.). If you take drama out of the mix then Comedy would have claimed the third spot with 55.

    I don't think comedy is dead but nor do I find myself attracted to a lot of mainstream comedies. I won't be seeing The Goon, this week for example and I didn't see The Inbetweeners (partially because I didn't watch the TV series). But, then, I watch a lot of stuff and occasionally I'll find myself in front of a Date Night, etc. I'm more drawn to the cleverly scripted smarts of things like In The Loop and Four Lions - things that try to do something socially aware with comedy.

    Average rating for the 55 comedies is 5.85 so I guess they do come in slightly below average in terms of this year's crop.