Trailer Of The Week - Week #2 - ATM

'Enjoy' this short tease for ATM, which looks remarkably by-the-book and not a decent choice at all for fairly hot, fairly young, upcoming things Alice Eve and Brian Geraghty. Stuck in a small structure by an antagonist with dubiously fleshed-out motives? Start worrying that this might be the start of a new Saw-alike franchise. Also: I don't know who Josh Peck is, which surely means the first victim/eventual reveal is a given.

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  1. nice and a awesome trailer i really love it a lot

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, hope the film lives up to your expectations!

  3. I like Josh Peck. He was on a childrens' television show here for years. He was also the kid in "The Wackness."

    1. Cool... is he still a good candidate for a first stabbing?