Film Intel's Final Word - Oscars, Mendes on Bond, Del Toro and Grim Fandango?

Oscar 'Season' Nearly Over.

Story: IMDb

I was listening to an old podcast from some point in November the other day and the hosts were talking about it coming up to 'the start of Oscar season', which means that, by my reckoning, Oscar season will have lasted for a little over three months by the time it finishes on Sunday night. That's longer than Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn. Any way, the ceremony is on Sunday, IMDb have a nice little mini-site covering it this year and, within the next 48-hours, people like me will have stopped moaning about it.

Sam Mendes On Bond.


Yes, Mendes' video blog is light on detail and footage but hey, it kept the newsreels ticking over, and any dispatch from Bond is pretty exciting really isn't it?

Del Toro Going Animated For Day Of The Dead-Set Love Story.

Story: THR

Yes, this does sound like Grim Fandango (for gamers of a certain age) and yes, this does mean this is very exciting.

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