Trailer Of The Week - Week #6 - Sideways

If the George Clooney-fronted, Oscar-nominated The Descendants has been your introduction to writer/director Alexander Payne (and well it might be, it is rather good) then consider exploring Payne's back catalogue, starting with his best film, Sideways. Payne won an Oscar for Sideways' script back in 2005, a year when Paul Giamatti still had a few hairs on his head and the non-ordering of Merlot was de rigour. Like most of Payne's films, Sideways' plot follows middle-aged men questioning where they're going. Here, this one works particularly well due to the dichotomy between perennially-depressed, deeply honest Miles (Giamatti) and fun-loving commitment-phobe Jack (Thomas Haden Church). Purchase it, open some Merlot Pinot Noir and have a decent chuckle in the company of some weighty background emotion. Anyone who happens to know anyone who obsesses over wine will savour the long and satisfying finish of slightly-more-than-gentle fun-poking.

Trailer Of The Week is a regular Film Intel feature which picks a different tasty trailer of delectable goodness every week and presents it on Sunday for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes major, sometimes independent, sometimes brilliant, sometimes a load of old bobbins: always guaranteed to entertain. If you want to make a suggestion for Trailer Of The Week, see the contact us page.

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